Homemade Airsoft Rocket Launcher

Some Airsoft players asked themselves if it is possible to use a Airsoft rocket launcher. Well, if you have the necessary items, and you know a thing or two about weapons, then you can create your very own personal airsoft rocket launcher. The rocket launcher will fire in a similar way the real ones fire their rockets, but will use airsoft bb’s instead of real ammunition.

Price: $3.99

How to Make a Simple Airsoft Rocket Launcher

The first item you need is a party popper. With a scissors cut the top part and the bottom and dispose them in the trash.

Using your fingers stretch the drinking straw and then cut off, with the scissors, one end.

Make a small ball from modeling clay and put it on the cut end of the straw, then mold the clay around it until you form shape similar with a cone.

Use masking tape to wrap the edge of the cone-shaped clay and the drinking straw.

The next thing you must do is to push the end of the cone shaped clay into the party popper. Then you have to slide the straw around 50% through and then mold some clay until you make a sausage shape. After this you need to wrap the new sausage shape around the top part of your party popper.

Take your newly created airsoft rocket launcher and aim the cone shaped end at your designated target, then pull the popper string to launch your missile, the drinking straw.

• Never aim your homemade airsoft rocket launcher towards a person.
• Before firing it put goggles and protective gloves.
• If you age is below 18 you should ask a parent to help.

Airsoft Grenade Launchers

In some airsoft games you will find yourself surrounded by enemies. Sometimes you will have one or two teammates near, but sometimes you will be on your own. In this case, your chances to win are quite slim, but there is an alternative that can change the power balance – an airsoft grenade launcher.

Using just a single aimed shot, you can take out several enemies, especially if they are near one another. Even if they don’t are very close to each other, you can still eliminate some by aiming near the largest group.