Airsoft Rocket Launcher

If you enter you email list we will send you our custom plans to make 3 different airsoft rocket launchers out of easy to find home products. We also have one that can be used for paintball. They are so much fun to play with and throw in games with friends.

This is a book with 5 different plans to make airsoft rocket launchers. There are plans for PVC launchers, Pyrotechnic Launchers, and other launchers made out of easy to find supplies from around the house and your normal store.

Price: $3.99

The plans are easy to follow and also have full lists of everything you need to have to build the gun. They are all easy to build and make airsoft just that much more fun.

The book was written because I could not find and real good information on the internet so I developed a few plans and guns that really work and have use in airsoft games and battles.

If you like playing airsoft but you are disappointment of all those regular Airsoft guns, or maybe you want something more challenging, try the new Airsoft rocket launcher. As the name suggests it is a rocket launcher of plastic bb’s, and it can deliver an impressive amount of bb’s to the desired target. Of course, the weapon is somehow similar with the real rocket launcher, but the primary gas used to launch your projectiles is HFC134a, a green gas, and in some cases, regular propane.


This Airsoft weapon is rather new, and thus it is far from being perfect. Several Airsoft manufacturers have airsoft rocket launchers in their offer, Sun Project being one of them, a manufacturer known for their crazy Airsoft weapons, like the new grenade launcher and other interesting items.

In Airsoft you can play war games and pretend that you actually are a real soldier. For this you have access to a wide range of rifles, guns and pistols that are an accurate copy of the real ones. An Airsoft rocket launcher increases the complexity of the game with a few levels since the weapon is quite sophisticated and can be used to attack distant targets or even entire groups. Before using the rocket launcher you will have to spend some time, around two hours, assembling the gun.


Use a newspaper and put it on a table, then put the spring down. After this you must place a copper cap at one end and use a bonding glue to glue both the spring and the copper cap.

Use one of the PVC piles and make two holes in it, one in the middle and one near the bottom. Put the spring inside, with the copper cap up and use a nail to fix the spring.

Screw the other pipe over the first one and, using a hacksaw, create a point on the other PVC pipe. Next you have to insert the second pipe (1/2 inch) into the first one, at its end and compress the spring and then fix the spring in that position using a nail inserted into the middle hole. Make a cylinder from clay and insert it into the pipe. Go outside, aim at a tree and remove the middle nail to fire the rocket.